Doug Brock

Doug Brock portrait

Doug Brock’s work focuses on architecture, technology, ecology, ethics, and design. His interests include design thinking, speculative architecture, complexity, digital design; architectural theory, vernacular architecture, and ethical design practices. A collaborator at the Deep Design Lab, his written work particularly focuses on the concept of sentience as an important intersection between technological and ecological fields, and a useful guide towards improved justice in future places. Doug has published papers on this topic at the International Symposium for Electronic Art and the non-profit research organisation AMPS: Architecture, Media, Politics, Society, and is currently working towards forming this research into a small book, tentatively titled The Ethics of Sentient Architecture. Doug balances these projects with architectural practice; he currently works at Noxon Architecture and has worked at a number of practices in both Melbourne and London.


Brock, Douglas, and Stanislav Roudavski. "Sentience and Place: Towards More-than-Human Cultures." In Why Sentience? Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA 2020), edited by Christine Ross and Chris Salter, 83–0. Montreal: Printemps Numérique/ISEA, 2020.