Ashley Davis

Asley Davis portrait

Ashley Davis, an American by birth, currently lives in Melbourne, Australia pursuing her career in architecture after receiving her Master’s in architecture from the University of Melbourne. Ash continues to collaborate on research projects at the University of Melbourne’s School of Design including the ARC grant, “Place and Parametricism,” as well as projects within the Deep Design Lab. In addition to research, she also tutors for the university’s master’s theory course, “21st Century Architecture”. In addition, she works in the built environment profession as a designer at Fabmetal, an architectural sheet metal company that specialises in complex architectural projects including the façade of MSD. Here she uses her expertise in parametric modelling to tackle everything from unique, one-of-a-kind builds to humble door jambs and everything in between. Bringing her experience in design/builds and fabrication to academia, she explores the opportunities at the intersection of ecology, ethics, and fabrication within the built environment with the aim to contribute towards more-than-human futures.


Roudavski, Stanislav, and Ashley Davis. "Respect for Old Age and Dignity in Death: The Case of Urban Trees." In Proceedings of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand: 37, What If? What Next? Speculations on History's Futures, edited by Kate Hislop and Hannah Lewi, 638–2. Perth: SAHANZ, 2020.