Stanislav Roudavski

Stanislav Roudavski is the founder and the leader of Deep Design Lab and a Senior Lecturer in Digital Architectural Design at the University of Melbourne. His research and teaching explore ecocentric and interspecies design engaging with ecology, technology, and ethics. Stanislav’s publications discuss design innovation, creative computing, digital sensing, computer-aided fabrication, and other topics. He participated in international exhibits at prestigious venues including SIGGRAPH, Venice Architecture Biennale, FutureEverything, and TateModern. Stanislav’s designs, publications and subjects won multiple awards for excellence and innovation. Together with collaborations, he was successful in several professional competitions. Stanislav earned his Master of Architecture/Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg where his diploma project was selected for an international exhibition of best final-year projects. He also graduated as a Master of Science in Computer-Aided Architectural Design from the University of Strathclyde and earned his Doctorate at the University of Cambridge. He has several years of professional experience in the UK, Germany, Finland and Russia where he worked on urban planning, housing, commercial buildings, churches, and museums. Before Melbourne, he taught and worked on research projects at the University of Cambridge and MIT.


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