This domain contains people associated with the Deep Design Lab with links to their projects and publications.

Active Members

The list of active members includes people who persistently participate in the lab's multiple collaborative activities.


The list below includes individuals and organisation that have participated in or supported some of the lab's projects.


  • Yoav Bar-Ness, Tasmanian Geographic, Editor | Outreach Ecology, Ecologist & Consultant
  • Brock Bastian, Professor In Psychology, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne
  • Jay Black, The University of Melbourne, Geography, Experimental And Analytical Geochemist, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Nick Bradsworth, Zoo Victoria, Officer | Deaking University, Doctoral Researcher, Ecology
  • Mia Cobb, Research Scientist, Melbourne Veterinary School, The University of Melbourne
  • Katherine Dafforn, Macquarie University, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences
  • Marta Figueiredo, Architect
  • Philip Gibbons, Australian National University, Professor, Ecology
  • Amy Hahs, The University of Melbourne, Senior Lecturer, Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
  • Alison Haynes, University of Wollongong, Faculty Member, Ecology
  • Bronwyn Isaac, Monash University, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences
  • Gwyllim Jahn, Fologram, Founder, Augmented Reality Construction | RMIT, Lecturer, Architectural Computing
  • Therésa Jones, The University of Melbourne, Associate Professor, Biosciences
  • Mohsen Kalantari, The University of Melbourne, Associate Professor, Infrastructure Engineering
  • Darren Le Roux, ACT Parks and Conservation, Environmental Project Officer
  • Martin T. Lockett, School of BioSciences, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne
  • Anton Maksimenko, The Australian Synchrotron, Scientist, Imaging and Medical Therapy
  • Brian Martin, Professor, Director Wominjeka Djeembana Indigenous Research Lab, Monash University
  • Jon McCormack, Monash University, Professor, Human-Centred Computing
  • Rebecca Miller, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and The University of Melbourne, Honorary Member, Ecosystem and Forest Science
  • Rachel Miller, The University of Melbourne, Sustainability Officer
  • Jessica Neath, Research Fellow, Monash University
  • Gabriele Mirra, The University of Melbourne, Doctoral Researcher, Architecture
  • Denny Oetomo, The University of Melbourne, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christine Parker, Professor of Law at Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne
  • Alberto Pugnale, The University of Melbourne, Senior Lecturer, Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Sharon Robinson, Distinguished Professor, University of Wollongong, Ecologist
  • Andrew Smith, The University of Melbourne, The Burnley Campus, Operations Officer
  • Kylie Soanes, The University of Melbourne, Research Fellow, Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
  • Jason Thompson, The University of Melbourne, Associate Professor, Urban Design, Transportation, and Health
  • Tim Uebergang, Team Leader, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
  • Jasper Wijnands, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Data Scientist
  • Mitchell Whitelaw, Associate Professor, Design, School of Art, Australian National University College of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Nicholas Williams, The University of Melbourne, Professor, Ecosystem and Forest Sciences






  1. Alexander Holland
  2. Ashley Davis
  3. Bonnie Gordon
  4. Dan Parker
  5. Doug Brock
  6. Julian Rutten
  7. Nancy Samayoa
  8. Nonhuman
  9. Stanislav Roudavski
  10. Tony Yu
  11. William Ward